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This course is for acupuncturists only and will cover acupuncture/TCM treatments for common western medicine diagnoses.

This is a Master Class where students will learn about the common western medical diagnoses seen in clinic (Allergy, Anxiety, Asthma, Arthritis, Blood Pressure Problems, Common Cold, Constipation, Diabetes, Dizziness, Headache, IBS, Menopause, PMS, Skin Itching/Rashes), and then learn how to do pattern differential diagnosis according to TCM, where the student will learn how to use the tongue, pulse and symptoms to determine the correct TCM diagnosis and what points to use for each type. This is a true EAST vs. WEST class, where students will learn western pathology for each disease, then eastern techniques for doing differential diagnosis and treatment according to TCM. Student’s will practice their skills by working through case studies, as well as practicing on each other.

As a “Master Class”, this class is suitable for acupuncturists who have either completed their education or are in the second year of there studies, it is not a beginning class and is closed to anyone who is not an acupuncturist. We will spend a great deal of time learning about these disorders from both a western and eastern medicine prospective, so it is best if you have already taken anatomy/physiology and pathology. When completed you should understand these disorders from a western and eastern prospective and be able to use the techniques and strategies we go over in class the day after you have completed this course.

Price for this 2 day course is: 2995,- kr.

Med i prisen: 

  • Kaffe / The / vand.
  • Frugt formiddag
  • Frokost (husk at give besked omkring evt. allergi, hvis du er vegetar mv).
  • Sødt eftermiddag.
  • Kursusmateriale.
  • Skriveredskaber.
  • Diplom efter endt kursus.

Underviser: Rick Sørensen Scott

Rick Sørensen Scott, PhD (Stud.), DBM

Doktor i Botanisk Medicin

Akupunktør (RAB), Naturopath (RAB)