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The art of healing related to Daoist philosophies and later to Daoist clans gave birth to the modern world’s Chinese Medicine, but it is at the same time distinct from it.

In Traditional Daoist Medicine, as opposed to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), one seek to reset the body into its original state of health using the Connection to the original State (Yuan). Bringing balance into the system by aligning the human between heaven and earth, putting back the Structure in its Original Energetic Perfection.

An useful analogy is, that in TCM we rearrange the room by the various methods and techniques of treatment such as acupuncture, tuina, herbs etc. whereas in Traditional Daoist Medicine we open the windows to let the wind enter and clean up anything at a deeper level of the human.

Compared to Chinese Medicine, Traditional Daoist Medicine places an even stronger emphasis on the principles of Jing [essence] Qi [energy] and Shen [spirit], however Qi is the source of Daoist Medicine’s numerous skills applied in various ways. Also the theory of xiantian bagua (pre-heaven bagua) and Five Elemental phases is used in diagnosis, evaluating the Qi states in the body and mind.

A practitioner of Traditional Daoist Medicine can be defined as a Daoist follower in the process of passing on the Dao through medical activities, pursuing long life and cultivating the Dao. The practitioner brings the Perfection of Dao to the patient.

So we are searching for a certain set of qualities as a practitioner:
– Clear Attention
– Usable feeling of Qi
– Healing vector between Heaven & Earth

Through increasing one’s knowledge and understanding of Dao, the universe, life, time, time-space, health and disease, one is capable of shaping a set of tools endowed with excellent results treating patients.
Traditional Daoist Medicine value holistic differentiation methods of the inter-relationship between humans, the spirit world, heaven and the natural world.

This seminar is for professional practitioners who wish to learn about Traditional Daoist Medicine and acquire skills that will compliment any treatment modality already used.

We welcome anyone working with Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbology, tuina, qigong etc.), shamanism, spiritual work and any kind of energywork and healing to this seminar. In fact anyone who wants to discover his Healing Side can learn for the benefit of himself and his family from this seminar.


The first day, Serge Augier will explain the concepts of Daoist Medicine in details.

– Daoist perspective on health

– Daoist views on healing

– Reality of Yuan Qi (Original Energy) & diagnosis

– Qualities of healing

– Strategy of treatment and tools

– Process of treatment

The second day, we will experiment some of the Daoist Medicine Healing Techniques.

– Nei Gong (internal work) & Treatment

– Different tools of treatment

– 5 diagnosis test

– Qi treatment evolution


Serge Augier (born 1969) has been studying and teaching Chinese – and Traditional Daoist medicine as well as many other forms of medicine and healing for the past 30 years, he has done clinical work in France, Japan, China, UK and the United States. He specializes in emotional treatment and mind & behaviour analysis.

Link to Serge Augier’s website:


Water, tea and coffee will be provided, as well as fruit and snacks.

Lunch will not be provided.

Teaching will be in english


D. 15 februar 2019


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