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Engelsk kursus (let forståeligt).

In this seminar we will integrate Chinese medicine treatments with in vitro fertilizations protocols. This is an advanced study course which widens the traditional aspect of basic TCM diagnosis of tongue and pulse. In this seminar we will also emphasis western test outcome such as ultrasound and blood test that the patient are asked to do during IVF protocol and interpret it to TCM diagnosis, pathology, strategy and clinical treatments. This way of integrating the western results ( for Ex. : the number of follicles recruited, endometrial thickness, the Estradiol and Progesteron level )make us more accurate about the women condition and gives us the ability to understand her Chinese medicine pathology in order to tailor the exact treatment she will need. In this way the student will have a widen aspect on how to approach in vitro fertilisation patients.

Concerning content lecture / workshop to TCM participants:

This seminar is for TCM practitioners who finished their studies and are working in acupuncture and Chinese herbs and formulas with women. I use Zang Fu technique of diagnosis. The minimum needs are to finish the basic TCM courses and have a practitioner diploma which is recognized by your country.