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The first question when a patient sees the Electro Acupuncture machine, asks is: What they used to do in the ancient times without this kind of machines? And when you answer they used to do it Manual, they ask: Why don’t you do it manual now?

We all know some old mentors that do not believe in Electro machines. The questions is it really different with manual or other types of Acupuncture? The answer, bases on clinical trials, is Yes.

Indeed, there are little information about EA in Acupuncture texts. EA was used Clinically for the first time in China at 1930. But the major part of story begins with a Japanese Doctors works, called Nakatani. He is the one how discovered Acupoints are electrically low resistance than their surrounding area. In this course, we will learn how and when to use the Electro Acupuncture Machines and how to adjust different frequences an wave forms. And also we will learn about Ryodurako, a median measuring system invented by Dr. Nakatani.

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  • Underviser: Miro TabaMiro Taba, MD, PhD, got his Doctorate in Chinese medicine from Nanjiin Chinese medicine university. He has 20 years practice and teaching experience. He has been visiting lecturer in Beijing university, and he is visiting professor of China Academy of Chinese medicine. he has compiled and translated several books in the field of chinese medicine and philosophy.
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