Classical Acupuncture – the complete channel system

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The Chinese Medical Classics (Su Wen, Ling Shu) mention and list in detail the existence of nearly 70 channels in the human body. Today, most schools teach how to utilize the Primary channels – 12 out of the original system.

The knowledge about the complete channel system was omitted from written tradition at the time of the Song Dynasty and was kept only via oral tradition.

Knowledge of the complete system as a whole and the dynamic that connects the channel systems to one another draws a complete physiological picture and enables a deep understanding of the nature of disease, its progression and expression – acute and chronic.

In this lecture series you will learn the complete channel systems – the Sinews, the Luos, the Divergent and the Eight Extraordinary Channels. You would be able to apply the knowledge in your practice immediately as we learn each systems needling technique and unique role within the channel system.

In the first part (August 10 – 12), we will cover:

  1. Introduction to the complete channel system – providing historical context and explain why these channel are no longer in use. Present the channel system as a complete unit which purpose is to preserve life. (physiology and Pathology of the complete channel system)Dynamic Pulse reading – dynamic pulse reading is essential part of working with the complete channel system. Accurate understanding of inter-organ relationships and communication will enable the practitioner to choose the best energetic layer and channel system to work with.

    Sinew Channel – The first of the channel system that we will explore – the Sinew channels are the first line of defense from external pathogenic factor. it is useful for any muscle injury or tightness, acute trauma, skin condition etc.

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