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Acupuncture students in acupuncture schools or universities learn a lot about Acupoints and their location and indication, and about zang/fu organs and disharmony. They learn how to choose points and combine them to treat an organ problem. This kind of approach is somehow biomedical or herbal approach. It developed in China after communist revolution. They tried to make it looking like western medicine, which at that time was doing huge inventions and discoveries. But, in Acupuncture, since old times, there has been different type of treatment strategies, more than just a simple point grouping.

Actually in Acupuncture, we choose the “Treatment Input” based on the nature of diseases, when we decide to use “Regular Meridian” input or “Extra Meridian” input, or even Auriculotherapy or Dry Needling? This question is something that in schools gets less attention and some time never taught at all.

I will try to explain different treatment inputs in Acupuncture and how and when to choose them and even combine them in clinic. We will talk about the spectrum of diseases in Chines medicine and consequently spectrum of treatment.

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D. 24. juni + 25. juni 2019 fra 9.00-16.00

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Akupunktører, akupunktørelever, kiropraktorer, fysioterapeuter.

Underviser: Miro Taba

Miro Taba, MD, PhD, got his Doctorate in Chinese medicine from Nanjiin Chinese medicine university. He has 20 years practice and teaching experience. He has been visiting lecturer in Beijing university, and he is visiting professor of China Academy of Chinese medicine. he has compiled and translated several books in the field of chinese medicine and philosophy