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Principles and Practical Application for the Heart Shén, Emotions and Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qí Jīng Bā Mài)

When I graduated at the end of 1996 and started treating patients full-time, I didn’t get patients coming to see me for emotional imbalances. In fact, the most common disorders I saw were musculoskeletal; mostly necks and low back problems. To be fair, they are still the two most common disorders I see in clinic. It seems like not much has changed in over 20 years.

But something definitely has and that is the increased number of patients wanting treatment for emotional imbalances. Not just women either, I’m getting plenty of men who are opening up and wanting treatment for a range of emotional disorders including, but not limited to, depression, anger, anxiety and phobias.

What I find disappointing though is that the literature and textbooks haven’t kept up with this trend, and so we, as Chinese medicine practitioners, find ourselves in a bit of a bind. We have patients wanting treatment for emotional disorders, but we have limited literature to teach us what to do; particularly for some of the more obscure emotions outside of the standard seven.

This workshop is, therefore, the gap filler. We start with an explanation of how the point combinations are constructed throughout the workshop, before exploring these combinations in more detail via the use of Zàng Fǔ patterns, signs and symptoms, and similar Pīn Yīn names/meanings.

We will then review the Heart Shén before progressing through twelve emotions, via their definition, likely Zàng Fǔ and Five Element patterns, case studies and point combinations. Practical application of the point combinations will be consistent throughout.

The workshop will also explore another undervalued Chinese medicine topic, that of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qí Jīng Bā Mài). Each of the vessels will be analysed, before acupuncture point combinations are provided, typically for a Heart Shén/emotional disorder, or a physical imbalance. Practical application will once again be consistent throughout.

If you treat patients for emotional disorders, or simply find the topic interesting, then join me for this amazing workshop!

This three-day workshop will include both theory and practical teaching styles including:


Will start with the basics on the first day before progressing into an in-depth analysis of the Heart Shén and twelve emotions at the back end of day one and for the majority of day two. The last part of day two and all of day three is dedicated to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qí Jīng Bā Mài).

At no stage is the workshop content designed to be out of reach for any of the attendees regardless of their level.

Cases studies will be introduced at various points in the theory section. These are designed to give attendees real ‘clinic life’ examples of how well the point combinations work.

Questions and answers (Q & A) are encouraged and therefore have been allocated dedicated times throughout the three days.


The lecturer will give demonstrations for some of the point combinations methods.

Attendees are given plenty of opportunity to observe the lecturer demonstrations and then practically apply these techniques, and others done in the theory. This can be done by practicing on themselves, other attendees, and even the lecturer himself.

Some of the practical time will also be dedicated to group work that doesn’t involve needling. These are full class activities that are designed to get attendees walking around and conversing with the other participants. This group work requires attendees to construct point combinations together and then present their findings to the rest of the class.

Underviser: David Hartmann