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Qigong is the seamless integration of body, breath and mind (jing-qi-shen – the ’three treasures’)

Practised regularly and faithfully it can bring about a profound transformation in the way we feel an

act in the world.

Taichi qiqong draws its roots from the movements of yang style tai chi. It emphasises strong stable

structure and fluid, whole-body movement integrated with slow and deep breathing and absorption

of the mind in the body and the breath.

Peter’s aim in teaching this wonderful 15-minute form is to offer a practice that every participant can

take home with them after the weekend. It is backed up by detailed videos and notes to help the

learning process.

In taichi qigong we work with the mind by mental relaxation, mindfulness, body awareness and the

ability to be fully present, absorbed in what we are doing, undistracted by thoughts of the past and


In taichi qigong we work with the breath by integrating the movements with slow, deep and even

diaphragmatic breathing.

Through the combination of these three practices we may experience what is known as the ‘qigong

state’ … a profound and enjoyable state of connectedness that will benefit physical, mental and

emotional health.

Pris: 1.750,00 kr.

Underviser: Peter Deadman.